Montreal Records Highest Temperature Since 1975

36.6 degrees Celsius was the temperature recorded in Montreal on Wednesday, the highest ever recorded in May and the second-highest temperature on record overall behind 37.6C set in August 1975. The heat warning is still in effect and is expected to end this weekend. I wonder how hot June and July will turn out to be. I guess it's time to re-open these play fountains and water sprinklers.

Air Canada To Resume Flights by June

Summer may not be ruined after all, as Air Canada announced its summer schedule few days ago and is offering a choice of 97 destinations across Canada, the US and around the world. The announcement comes at a time where the travel advisory against all non-essential international travel is still in place in Canada due to COVID-19. Speaking of which, Air Canada will be offering customers two options to ease their travel experience in case…

Montreal Set To Reopen on Monday May 25

I don't know about other areas of Montreal, but Griffintown, where I currently reside, and its surrounding are definitely ready for the reopening announced next Monday. In fact, they were out in the streets since last week driving their bikes, walking their dogs and taking advantage of the nice weather. The streets are getting busier by the day, people are keeping their distance up to a certain extent but not many are wearing masks unfortunately,…

Where To Buy Face Masks in Montreal?

Wearing face masks is now the new normal and designer face masks are becoming the latest fashion trend. Earlier this month, I got a box of surgical masks from Walmart but knowing that they don't provide complete protection and are quite pricey, I opted for for face masks instead and bought some from maskincanada. They're washable, they dry fast and the kids love their super hero and ninja-turtle themes face masks. If you're still wondering…

Tales of Le Louvre Museum Turned into Animated Videos

3 months ago
The theft of the most famous painting in the world “La Joconde”, the story behind The “Regent” Diamond, Louis the XIV’s portrait and several other tales from the museum were turned by le Louvre into ...

“You Don’t Need an AR-15 to Bring Down a Deer”

3 months ago
The most recent shooting in Nova Scotia, the deadliest in Canada’s history, has led Canada Prime Trudeau to announce a ban on 1,500 varieties of assault weapons, effective immediately. On the other hand, it gives ...

Social Distancing Fun – Miniature Rail Journeys On the Champlain Bridge & Quartier Dix30

3 months ago
Someone is making good use of the social distancing by building miniature lego rail journeys in normally crowded places. Their latest two videos were shot at a popular mall (Quartier Dix30) and on the Champlain ...

COVID-19 Predicted to End on May 16 for Canada

3 months ago
A Data-Driven Innovation lab has published SIR (susceptible-infected-recovered) epidemic models based on data from different countries to predict the key dates of transition during the epidemic lifecycle in different countries. “The function fitVirusCV19 implements the ...