Two Exciting Netflix Releases Next Week

Michael Jordan's "The Last Dance" docuseries is scheduled to be released on April 20th and I can't freaking wait! This ten-part documentary series is an all-access footage of Michael Jordan's final season and championship with the Chicago Bulls. I remember how tense the playoffs were especially against the Utah Jazz and those memorable last three minutes of Game 6. "The Last Dance" marks the first time Jordan has agreed to sit for a long-form documentary…

Patrice Laliberté’s The Decline on Netflix: Watch it or Skip it?

"The Decline" or "Jusqu’au declin" in French is a Netflix financed Quebec film that premiered last month at the 38th edition of Les Rendez-vous Quebéc Cinema in Montreal. To be honest, I've heard about it first from the Quebec Premier Francois Legault as I'm following up closely on COVID-19 updates and he brought it up in one his tweets. What is the movie about? "The Decline" is a thriller that follows a group of survivalists…

Quebec PM Legault Adds Tooth Fairy to List Of Essential Services 😁

A little humor in these tense times is always important to bring a smile to people's faces. During today's press briefing, they played a video by a 7-year old girl asking Premier Legault if the Tooth Fairy will be making her rounds during the COVID-19 pandemic, to which the PM confirmed, in all seriousness, that the Tooth Fairy will be added to the list of essential services. Check out the video: Aujourd'hui, j'ai reçu une… – Over 2.7 Million visits & 1170 Businesses Registered in 24 Hours!

The Government of Quebec's initiative to encourage local businesses quickly gained traction as the newly introduced website, attracted around 3 million visitors and 1170 businesses to register within the first 24 hours, which prompted a temporary freeze on the registration process. The website is not an e-commerce website as it doesn't support transactions, but more of a directory for people to find local businesses. You can search by city and by type of business…

Google Mobility Reports Show Quebec Respecting “Stay-At-Home” Most in Canada

1 month ago
The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Quebec is still surging (7,944 as of April 5th), which prompted Premier François Legault today to extend the shutdown of all but essential businesses in the province until ...

Two Easy DIY No-Sew Approaches To Make Face Masks

1 month ago
Should healthy people wear masks to prevent Coronavirus? Should everyone wear masks? Is a Homemade Mask effective? Which material should we use? Are cloth face coverings recommended? How about cheap paper masks? Bandanas? The truth ...

Ten Movies I’ve Seen More than Five Times

1 month ago
Since we’re all stuck home, I thought of sharing ten films that I remember watching at least five times. I might have missed some, but these are the movies that came to mind now: 1- ...

Ten Fun Shows You Can Enjoy with Your Kids

2 months ago
My wife & I are usually very strict about screen time, allowing the boys barely an hour per day even on weekends, but with schools and daycare closing because of the new coronavirus and parents ...