Pho King Bon Menu: Offensive or Funny?

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The owner of a Vietnamese restaurant in Rosemère has announced that he will change the name of several menu items after being heavily criticized by the Montreal Vietnamese community for misrepresenting their language and culture. I took a quick look at the old menu and upon seeing a drink named “Viet Kong” (a reference to the Vietnam War), my first reaction was “WTF were they thinking?”. Even other menu items are bad but not as bad as this one, and it’s no surprise that it upset the Vietnamese community here.

It’s clear that the owner has not thought this menu through, or even the restaurant’s name. It would have been wiser to simply google some terms before making drinks & cocktails out of them.

Here’s an example:

We will delete the word <> before the famous drink/shooter called <> which is served in many bars across Quebec.
We will also be deleting the pronunciation of <>.
The combo <> will also be replaced.
The new changes will be implemented within a week or two, while bearing in mind any delays from the graphic artists and printers.
We will also be modifying our name. From now on we will be a <> instead of a <>.

Thank you.
Kind regards,
Pho King Bon Bistro Fusion

The only thing left for them to do is change the restaurant’s name 😂!

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