Mandatory Mask Rule is a Sound Choice

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It’s hard to believe that people are actually protesting in Montreal against mandatory masks at a time where we’ve finally been able to contain the COVID-19 spread. Everyone’s been warning us about a second wave in September or even earlier, and making the wearing of face masks mandatory in enclosed public spaces is the best possible choice the authorities can take.

One of the protesters today was saying and I quote “I’m here to take back our freedom and protest against the absolute tyranny that is being imposed on us by our government with no scientific evidence”.

I’m not sure how the protester was able to link wearing masks to tyranny, but while there’s an ongoing debate about wearing masks, there’s no doubt that wearing them and keeping social distancing will slow the spread of the virus and is “the new normal” until a vaccine is found.

In the last few weeks, I found myself forgetting my mask back home when going to the grocery store or supermarket, and I did not bother drive back to get it. With the mask becoming mandatory, I won’t have a choice and no one else will, and it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

With schools starting a month from now, everyone needs to keep their distance, wear their masks, and avoid crowded places and gathering.

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