Ten Movies I’ve Seen More than Five Times

Since we're all stuck home, I thought of sharing ten films that I remember watching at least five times. I might have missed some, but these are the movies that came to mind now: 1- A Clockwork Orange: I'm a huge Stanley Kubrick fan and Clockwork Orange, even though quite disturbing, is a masterpiece. 2- The Shawshank redemption: If you haven't seen that movie yet, stop everything you're doing and watch it now. 3- 13th…

Quebec Announces Drastic Measures to Contain COVID-19 Spread

Two days after the World Health Organization assessed COVID-19 as a pandemic, the Quebec government has decided to put in place drastic measures to try and slow the propagation of the virus as much as possible. Fortunately, there are only 17 confirmed cases in Quebec to date, versus 53 in British Columbia, 23 in Alberta and 60 in Ontario. Here's a summary of the measures being taken: - All indoor events with more than 250…

Meet Montreal’s Stuntwoman

4 weeks ago
It’s not every day that you see someone holding onto the bumper of a running STM bus on Sherbrooke street. I thought at first it was some movie scene before realizing it’s 19-year old Cassandre ...

Instagram Music Finally Available!

1 month ago
About Time Facebook! Instagram Music is finally available in Canada after it was rolled out almost two years ago in the US and parts of Europe. Through this feature, you will be able to find ...
Food 'N Drink

#DoughnutGate: Now I’m Tempted to Try Winnipeg’s Oh Doughnuts

2 months ago
I’m still getting accustomed to #FirstWorld dramas when compared to what we have back in the Middle East, and the latest was a doughnut-related controversy whereas Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was criticized for buying ...

Where Can You Fly Your Drone in Montreal?

3 months ago
I bought a DJI Spark drone back in the summer of 2018 as I was hoping I’d get the chance to fly it around Montreal and take some nice shots. Back then, rules were much ...
Food 'N Drink

First Visit to Time Out Market at The Newly Renovated Eaton Center

3 months ago
Last Tuesday, I finally dropped by Eaton Center to check out the newly open Time Out Market on the second floor. The 40,000 square foot food court, dubbed Montreal’s most ambitious culinary project, includes 16 ...

Noël Éternel: My Favorite MTL Christmas Shop

3 months ago
Last year around mid-December, we had just settled in Montreal and went out to look for a Christmas tree and ornaments. Most shops had run out of trees by then, but we stumbled upon Noël ...

My First Canadian Federal Elections Experience

5 months ago
On Monday, I headed out to drop the kids at day care then took the Metro to meet a friend at his workplace. It was another busy Monday for me, I got stuck in traffic, ...

Pictures & Videos: #Montreal Protest in Solidarity With Lebanon

5 months ago
More than 300 people showed up to the protest held on Friday in front of the Lebanese consulate in Montreal. It’s a great turnout given that the protest was planned overnight. Several other Canadian cities ...