Ten Fun Shows You Can Enjoy with Your Kids

My wife & I are usually very strict about screen time, allowing the boys barely an hour per day even on weekends, but with schools and daycare closing because of the new coronavirus and parents being forced to work remotely, more screen time is inevitable. I'm not very familiar with all the kid-friendly channels out there, but I've discovered over the past two years few YouTube channels & shows that we, as parents, enjoyed watching…

Biggest Snowstorm of the Year!

Up to 50 centimeters of snow were expected by Friday evening as a winter storm warning was issued for Friday for much of southern Quebec. A lot of schools and daycares closed and driving conditions were quite difficult but manageable for short trips. It's the biggest snowstorm this year but it's not as brutal as the one we witnessed last year which was accompanied by very strong winds. In fact, this year's winter is quite…

One Year in Montreal Already!

3 months ago
The first thing that comes to mind when you realize a year has passed is how fast time is flying, but the truth is it’s been a long, busy yet rewarding year. There are so ...

Noël Éternel: My Favorite MTL Christmas Shop

3 months ago
Last year around mid-December, we had just settled in Montreal and went out to look for a Christmas tree and ornaments. Most shops had run out of trees by then, but we stumbled upon Noël ...

My First Canadian Federal Elections Experience

5 months ago
On Monday, I headed out to drop the kids at day care then took the Metro to meet a friend at his workplace. It was another busy Monday for me, I got stuck in traffic, ...

Five Essential Things for New Comers to Montreal

6 months ago
Moving to a new country is a challenge by itself, especially when you’re coming along with your family. We spent months planning our trip to Montreal and I thought I start with the five essential ...

Moving to Montreal: First Impression

8 months ago
Before I start blogging properly about the experiences and the places we’ve been to here, I thought I write first about why we decided to move here as a family and our first impression of ...

Hello Montreal!

9 months ago
I’ve been postponing the blog’s launch for quite some time, and I still need to do some fine-tuning, but since today is Saint-Jean Baptiste Day, the national holiday of Québec, I thought it’s a good ...