Where to Get Your Bûche De Noël This Year?

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You can’t have a Christmas without the traditional Bûche De Noël, and my favorite has always been the chestnut, not the chocolate one. Last year, we ordered one from Maison Christian Faure and I just got one this morning. It’s a Vanilla Genovese cake infused with Antilles rum and chestnut mousse and it’s exquisite!

Here are some other recommendations that I’ve tried or will try in the coming week:

Premiere Moisson Signature Apple-Maple bûche: I love it, it’s a bit too sweet for my liking but it’s good.

– Patrice Chocolate, almond and amaretto Avril bûche: I couldn’t order one in time and they’ve run out already unfortunately. I’m waiting to see if they make more next week.

– Maison Boulud Noisettes et Agrumes: I’ve tried this restaurant once and his desserts are amazing. I bet the logs are as good!

– Andalos Halawet El Jibn Christmas Log: Halawet el Jibn is a Lebanese sweet made with sweet cheese dough stuffed with clotted cream, crowned with pistachios, and drizzled with orange blossom syrup and rose water. It already comes in rolls and I bet it tastes great as a log. I can’t wait to try it!

They also have the Osmalieh log.

I wanted to try Sachère’s logs but they stopped taking orders since December 13.

You can check out more options on this [link].

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