Montreal’s Pink Cabin: Mystery Not Yet Resolved

I spotted that cabin few months back and stopped on the side to snap a picture of it. It is located on top of the old abandoned Canada Malting Co. on Saint Henri.I tried googling a bit to see what this is about, but to my surprise, no one has the full story up until today. In fact, CBC asked its readers to help solve and the only plausible comment they got was that the…

#TousContreUn: Wearing Face Masks Will be Mandatory in All Public Transportations

Wearing a face mask will have to become a social normal for all public transit users, as the Health Ministry is enforcing this new rule as of July 13. The new rule will apply to anyone over the age of 12 who is taking a bus, commuter train or the Metro. For children younger than that, wearing a mask is strongly recommended by the province, but not obligatory. It's still not clear who will enforce…
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Watch Somebody Feed Phil’s Montreal Episode

2 months ago
Season 3 of Netflix’s Somebody Feed Phil is out and there’s an entire episode dedicated to Montreal’s food scene. Somebody Feed Phil is an American television travel documentary presented by Phillip Rosenthal that premiered on ...

Air Canada To Resume Flights by June

2 months ago
Summer may not be ruined after all, as Air Canada announced its summer schedule few days ago and is offering a choice of 97 destinations (downs from 220 last year) across Canada, the US and ...

Tales of Le Louvre Museum Turned into Animated Videos

3 months ago
The theft of the most famous painting in the world “La Joconde”, the story behind The “Regent” Diamond, Louis the XIV’s portrait and several other tales from the museum were turned by le Louvre into ...

Social Distancing Fun – Miniature Rail Journeys On the Champlain Bridge & Quartier Dix30

3 months ago
Someone is making good use of the social distancing by building miniature lego rail journeys in normally crowded places. Their latest two videos were shot at a popular mall (Quartier Dix30) and on the Champlain ...

Patrice Laliberté’s The Decline on Netflix: Watch it or Skip it?

3 months ago
“The Decline” or “Jusqu’au declin” in French is a Netflix financed Quebec film that premiered last month at the 38th edition of Les Rendez-vous Quebéc Cinema in Montreal. To be honest, I’ve heard about it ...

Quebec Announces Drastic Measures to Contain COVID-19 Spread

4 months ago
Two days after the World Health Organization (WHO) assessed COVID-19 as a pandemic, the Quebec government has decided to put in place drastic measures to try and slow the propagation of the virus as much ...

Meet Montreal’s Stuntwoman

5 months ago
It’s not every day that you see someone holding onto the bumper of a running STM bus on Sherbrooke street. I thought at first it was some movie scene before realizing it’s 19-year old Cassandre ...
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#DoughnutGate: Now I’m Tempted to Try Winnipeg’s Oh Doughnuts

6 months ago
I’m still getting accustomed to #FirstWorld dramas when compared to what we have back in the Middle East, and the latest was a doughnut-related controversy whereas Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was criticized for buying ...