Single-Use Plastic Ban To Come Into Effect By 2021

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It’s official, the Federal Government has announced today that single-use plastics will be covered by a national ban coming into effect next year. This step comes as part of the government’s plan to achieve zero plastic waste and at least 50% recycled content in plastic products by 2030.

What’s covered and what’s not?

According to CTV, here’s the list of covered & non-covered items:

To Be Banned:
– Checkout bags
– Stir sticks
– Beverage six-pack rings
– Cutlery
– Straws
– Food packaging made from plastics that are difficult to recycle

The below list is not covered yet:
– Garbage bags
– Milk bags
– Snack food wrappers
– Disposable personal care items and their packaging
– Beverage containers and lids
– Contact lenses and packaging
– Cigarette filters
– Items used in medical facilities
– Personal protective equipment

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