Beirut Explosion: How It Would Look Like in Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver

2750 tons of ammonium nitrate, a chemical used for fertilizer and as an ingredient in bombs and years of corruption and negligence have led to a horrific and deadly explosion that sent shockwaves across the capital Beirut and its suburbs. The death tolls stands so far at 150 people and thousands of injured, with around 300,000 unable to go back to their houses. The videos emerging of the blast are surreal, yet the easiest way…

Montreal Records Highest Temperature Since 1975

36.6 degrees Celsius was the temperature recorded in Montreal on Wednesday, the highest ever recorded in May and the second-highest temperature on record overall behind 37.6C set in August 1975. The heat warning is still in effect and is expected to end this weekend. I wonder how hot June and July will turn out to be. I guess it's time to re-open these play fountains and water sprinklers.

“You Don’t Need an AR-15 to Bring Down a Deer”

3 months ago
The most recent shooting in Nova Scotia, the deadliest in Canada’s history, has led Canada Prime Trudeau to announce a ban on 1,500 varieties of assault weapons, effective immediately. On the other hand, it gives ...