Air Canada To Resume Flights by June

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Summer may not be ruined after all, as Air Canada announced its summer schedule few days ago and is offering a choice of 97 destinations (downs from 220 last year) across Canada, the US and around the world. The announcement comes at a time where the travel advisory against all non-essential international travel is still in place in Canada due to COVID-19.

Speaking of which, Air Canada will be offering customers two options to ease their travel experience in case of sudden change of plans, which include:

1) An Air Canada Travel Voucher for the remaining value of their ticket that has no expiry date, is fully transferable and retains any residual value or;
2) The ability to convert the remaining value of their ticket into Aeroplan Miles, with 65 per cent more value versus the normal rate for buying Miles.

Both options are retroactive to March 1.

As far as the travel experience is concerned, Air Canada is launching its CleanCare+, a comprehensive biosecurity program to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19, including distancing measures and thee use of protective equipment.

You can check out the destinations [here].

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