Montreal’s Pink Cabin: Mystery Not Yet Resolved

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I spotted that cabin few months back and stopped on the side to snap a picture of it. It is located on top of the old abandoned Canada Malting Co. on Saint Henri.I tried googling a bit to see what this is about, but to my surprise, no one has the full story up until today. In fact, CBC asked its readers to help solve and the only plausible comment they got was that the nearby McAuslan brewery got it painted to get people to visit their next-door terrasse.

This theory does add up because this paint job must have taken hours to finish given the location, not to mention that whoever did it must have sneaked into the mill with all the necessary equipment and painted it at night (if that’s even possible) so that no one reports him.

In all cases, it did get my attention and now I’m tempted to visit the brewery nearby.

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