Montreal Set To Reopen on Monday May 25

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I don’t know about other areas of Montreal, but Griffintown, where I currently reside, and its surrounding are definitely ready for the reopening announced next Monday. In fact, they were out in the streets since last week driving their bikes, walking their dogs and taking advantage of the nice weather.

The streets are getting busier by the day, people are keeping their distance up to a certain extent but not many are wearing masks unfortunately, at least from what I’ve observed so far. We all know that masks will not fully protect you from getting infected, but you can prevent transmission to others by wearing it, and this is crucial at this point, especially in crowded places like metros and retail stores.

I have to say that it feels good to see streets packed with people again. It’s been two months now that we’re looking at empty streets and waiting for the 1PM press conference. The trend appears to be good enough for Montreal to re-open but the coming weeks will tell us more on what to expect and whether we’ve contained the virus or a bigger wave is on the way.

For everyone heading out or coming back to work, do your best to stick to these directives:
– Maintain your space
– Cover your face

And let’s hope things get better from now onwards.

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