Ten Movies I’ve Seen More than Five Times

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Since we’re all stuck home, I thought of sharing ten films that I remember watching at least five times. I might have missed some, but these are the movies that came to mind now:

1- A Clockwork Orange: I’m a huge Stanley Kubrick fan and Clockwork Orange, even though quite disturbing, is a masterpiece.

2- The Shawshank redemption: If you haven’t seen that movie yet, stop everything you’re doing and watch it now.

3- 13th warrior: I never understood why this movie never got a higher rating. It’s action-packed, it has an interesting story, awesome characters and a great ending.

4- Public Enemies: I just finished watching it (again) yesterday. Johny Depp & Christian Bale kick ass.

5- Mad Max: Fury Road: A good time to watch post-apocalyptic movies 😁.

6- The Aviator: My favorite Di Caprio movie, followed by the Departed and Catch me if you can. (Sorry Titanic fans).

7- La Vita e Bella: If I had to rank Holocaust movies, I’d put Benigni’s “Life is beautiful” first and Schindler’s list second.

8- Rambo: First Blood My favorite Rambo movie.

9- Léon: The Professional Jean Reno and a 12 year old Natalie Portman.

10- The Fifth Element Adding humor to science-fiction movies wasn’t that common back then. Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich were a perfect fit.

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